Okay, we all know that M&M’s, Hershey’s Kisses and Candy Dots are perfectly delectable as-is. However, for those times when your sweet tooth yearns for something a little more sophisticated, we’ve gathered some of the coolest candy recipes around the web right here for your culinary pleasure.

Seduce your sweet tooth with one of our fantastic cookie and cupcake recipes or explore a new side of savory with one of adventurous entrees. Either way, your taste buds are going to thank you.



Caramel, the word evokes a sense of creamy sweetness. The deep brown tones and soft yellows of caramel actually make you feel as if you are peacefully swirling along on a ...more

Great Jelly Bean Cookie Recipe

Jelly Bean and Candy Babies

Use the base and frosting of this cookie recipe to create really delicious jelly bean cookies. Think about what you want the finished cookie to look like before you ...more