Hot Tamales Competition

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Stop the press another huge candy competition set sail and the winners have been decided. Two lucky people, winners of the Hot Tamales Competition, will sail on the ...more

The Santa Claus Parade


Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without the Santa Claus parade and candy canes. No matter where in the country you live, rural or urban, chances are you recall ...more

Hard Candy Fitness


Well it has finally been done and by Madonna no less! The music superstar has combined fitness with pleasure, in her newly introduced and now open to the public, Hard ...more

Candy Bling by Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey is surely the queen of candy. Not only has she created her lollipop bling perfume line with a definite candy theme, check out her song lyrics for her song ...more

Jelly Bean Art

This is extraordinary. The art forms conceptualized using jelly beans as the medium is phenomenal and it’s all available for view in the Jelly Belly Bean Art Gallery. The ...more

Fundraising Candy


Every year millions of children around the world set out in their neighborhoods to raise funds for charity. Worthy organizations or local sporting or cultural clubs are ...more