Horse & Pony Candy

Horses are perhaps the animals closest to human beings in terms of relationships because they provide us with services, loyalty and friendship more than any other animal ...more

Island Candy

The best candy for a steamy hot day and therefore a favorite of the islands is not surprisingly candy that offers a sense of cool refreshment like coke bottles or Haribo ...more

Glucose – We need it!

Glucose, the sugar used to make candy, is an essential nutrient for the human body. It isn’t just necessary for energy levels either, glucose is critical for maintaining ...more

Sugar Rush

Despite evidence to the contrary many parents still believe that sugar causes hyperactivity in their kids so they won’t give them candy. While this has been proved an old ...more

Hard Times Sweetened by Candy

As the global recession seems to drag on and on candy consumption, which peaked in the U.S. at the height of the recession, continues unabated. It seems that stress and ...more

Sweet as Candy: Short Film


This New Zealand musical, short film has been hiding away for far too long, since 2003 to be precise. It’s a confectionary tale of rock n roll, marching girls and roller ...more

Candy Bar Controversy


A man is suing the Toronto Santa Claus Parade after he was hit in the eye by a candy bar. The miniature chocolate candy bar was allegedly thrown into the crowd by a ...more

The Magic of Candy Cane Lane

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well again this year in the street that has affectionately become known as Candy Cane Lane. The street in Edmonton, Alberta began ...more